About the experience

Reality changes with perception and manipulation. It is plural. We are all living in a beautifully different interpretation.

Ashley Autumn played with these ideas by creating a short, silent film and sending it to musicians around the world who were close in age, but working in different genres.

Each musician was asked to watch the film and score it within a few days based off of his initial impression and imagination.

About the film

DEAR SHEARS is an experimental short and a self-mocking social commentary introducing viewers to the fictional realities of millennial disorder.

It is a sensory look into the side-effects of immediate gratification and overly curated realities.

Viewers are invited to curate a reality of their own while watching, simultaneously toggling through and taking in the musical realities of others

About the site

The DEAR SHEARS site was developed by Glenn McClanan of Rio Create LLC, an interactive video agency in New York City.